Artist: Aomine, Kise, Midorima

Track: "Dorks at the Gym"

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A summary of what’s going on in this scene:
Riko is the yakisoba store manager, everyone else are waitresses and chefs
Izuki is making the customers distressed with puns; “Would you like yakisoba beside me (soba de)?”
Customer asked for no red ginger (benishouga); Izuki: That’s a pity (shouga nai)
Hyuuga takes over, but he gives samurai names to the order menu (he wanted to have a samurai-themed yakisoba house wearing armors)
Koganei greets customers like they were at a fish market (RASSHAI RASSHAI)
Koganei realizes he should be more in character then speaks with a high pitched voice, mimicking Riko (audio clip click me)
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Track: "3DS: How can we make Kuroko stand out more?"

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Track: "3DS: Leave it to Riko!"

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Akashi dancing to ___Sin___



Track: "Murasakibara Speaking English"

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Track: "『兵長 VS.ミカサ 怒涛の掃除バトル』"

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